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Coffee Scoop – standard handle

(2 customer reviews)


Hand formed coffee scoop made from brass and riveted with eco-silver. These are made with a nice deep bowl, perfect for measuring out ground coffee for your cafetière, espresso machine or percolator.

Each item is handmade and unique therefore photos are for illustrative purposes only. Care instructions included with every brass purchase.

See below for further information and approximate measurements. If you can't find the size you like or it's out of stock, please get in touch and I'll do my best to accommodate your requirements.

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Additional information

Dimensions 12.1 × 4.3 cm

2 reviews for Coffee Scoop – standard handle

  1. Aimee Reed (verified owner)

    Lovely to hold in your hand. A spoon that I use for as much as I can in the kitchen because it’s so nice to use! Thank you.

  2. Jane Firman (verified owner)

    Thank You ! I have happily received my most beautiful in all the world standard handle coffee scoop. I love it. I collect spoons occasionally. I say occasionally because a spoon has to have beyond ‘that special something’. And your spoons qualify 100%. I also love to gift the most special spoons to my 3 children (so that we all have one and can share in the happiness it gives in use every day) – the most recent spoons I gave to them were exquisite wooden spoons made by Catherine : ; Catherine Johnston
    Now your spoons have entered the realm of desired spoons.

    I bought the coffee scoop for myself. BUT it is my daughter’s birthday on the 25th August and I know she would love and cherish this scoop as much as I would – so the one I already have, is for her.

    I will be in touch soon to order one for myself along with perhaps the salad servers. And after that – I will order in September – ready for Christmas – coffee scoops for my other daughter and my son.
    I also adored the way you packaged the beautiful scoop. It just made the whole experience an absolute delight. It was a heavenly treat to receive. Thank you for everything – for your skill and craftsmanship and for the wonderfully thoughtful way you conduct your business. I think we will be in touch – for ever.

    Yours sincerely, with fond regards and very best wishes

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